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I’m a student. Love of writing and researching about different topics have led me here. I write Blog posts for my viewers. Thanks for being here. You’re my big support.

A social artist is a person “who uses creative skills to work with people or organizations in their community to affect change. Thus, the main aim of a social artist is to improve society as a whole and to help other people find their own means of creative expression.”

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There is category in my Blog which discusses nature, technology and finance and much more. The topics given are basic and easy to understand.

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It is the other category in my Blog. It has a collection of motivational blogs that motivates with stories that are great to read.

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Book Summary

I write summary of books, mainly self-help books as well as bestsellers and legendary books. These book summaries are helpful for people who always want to know about more books.

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The most important thing in this Blog is trust as I try my Level best to be more authentic. Secondly, I put topics that readers can relate to find lessons that are helpful in daily lives so basically, I try my best.

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