Become a Millionaire from Nothing – is it Practical?

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You might have seen many videos and articles online, from YouTube to google. That have an attractive title on tips and tricks to be rich. But here I would explain it simply what is the practicality of this thought. For it, I took the case study of a real life millionaire who took this crazy project, “millionaire comeback”. Where he left all of his financial resources during the start of the pandemic to proof. How much you can start from zero, literally zero. Read the whole article to know how much did he succeeded.

We all know what happened during the pandemic era people lost job, businesses collapsed, lost of life and the trail of destruction. At that time, an already established millionaire Mike Black took this project just to give motivation to the common people who lost a lot. Through this process he also faced a lot, especially in the first few months. He also inspired me that no matter what happened to you, there is always a way. When you have faith in yourself.

Here from day 1 to end of the project I would detail out what happened, how much he earned and what happened.

Who is considered as millionaire?

According to Wikipedia – “A millionaire is an individual whose net worth or wealth is equal to or exceeds one million units of currency”. For me, we should also consider currency as USD.

Millionaire Comeback from the Start –

From the start he put up all the rules and regulations in place. According to which he would complete his project. So, he cut off all of his network, drain his bank account to 0 dollars, left behind his 7-figure business for a year. Also, he just had a pair of cloth, a cell phone, internet service and a camera gear. The most important part, he started this all in 2020.

So, the starting was tough, he even thought whether he could do or not. On Day 1 he thought for a long period he would be on the streets. But in this mission to help others, God sent him help. A person by the name of Isaac came to help. Offered him a place to live in a RV. Now, having a place to live, he started up with flipping products on Facebook marketplace. Got his first income on his project “millionaire comeback”.

From that he bought a Chromebook, cloths and good food in the first few days. After that, he rented a co-working space. So, now he has a launch towards his mission because of all the hustling he was doing from morning to evening. That includes freelancing, flipping products, food delivery and at the same time recording. And after doing so much, he finally rented a room for him.

Now, after standing on his feet, he still faced a problem regarding content production. As he has to spend 40 – 60 hours a week on Production, which was very difficult for him. Due to less time left for E-commerce business, the goal of millionaire comeback seems a lot far away.

Become a Millionaire from Nothing - is it Practical?

Finding Solutions

Due to all of this, Mike was left with two options. Either cut on expenses to invest in E-commerce business or save time with hiring Freelancers. Now with this complex life, he intends to implement a great Idea to save money. The Idea is known as rent hack, where you take a 5-Bedroom house on rent and then rent 4 rooms to other people and get the 5th bedroom for free. Also, he set up the house for like-minded business owners.

Now, that need some thinking like a business minded person.

Ecommerce Business Begins

So, now the main part of this project millionaire comeback begins. Online Coffee finally took a launch. Now in this project three months went by, and 9 months are left. So, now the target seems possible. Now, you might think things are coming on a correct track, but the curveballs in his life are not ending that easily.

His Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Survival rate told by doctors was 12-18 months. Although his father was optimistic but for him, it was heartbreaking.

It was like life was testing him, giving him two options, either continue with the project or leave it. He chose to continue it, also shifting to his Family location to spend time with his dad. Now, he chose to be a leader living by the message of the project, overcoming all the adversities. Even his dad wanted him to continue because of values and morals his dad taught him.

Mike Black plan to be millionaire

The pretty good plan of Mike Black was a coffee business, Because if people like it, they would order again and again. And setting up a monthly subscription for it is a game changer. Now, he was making money up to a point where on day 1 it looked impossible. Although, the tasks are going on at a swift level. Things are becoming more difficult as he was doing a lot of tasks at once.

He was spending 5 hours on E-Commerce company, trying to spend sufficient time with family. Making video content of the project “Million dollar comeback” and researching on Cancer to help his dad. During this project he hid his health problems. He developed two autoimmune diseases and a tumor was developing on his hip.

The Ending of the project –

Mike ended the project in 10 months with more than 65000 USD earned. Leaving his millionaire life behind, facing problems he might have never faced. Just to give motivation and hope to the people. That it does not matter how hard life hit us, or we are going through the lowest point in our life. There is always a way out. Having faith in oneself is also an asset.

He might not have made a million dollar, but he did up to a point that is really difficult to achieve.

Conclusion –

As for the title “Become a Millionaire from Nothing – is it Practical?” I would say money is made from two things, Resources and hard work. Resources like Rental Income, Income from bonds, natural resources and hard work like we do in Job. A businessman is the one who invests both hard work and resources.

How much we earn also greatly depends on our investments. Like in stock market, how much we invest is how much we earn. Research also matters in it, which is person’s hard work.

For Mike, he started with 0 dollars and poor credit score. Achieving that much is also a marvel. I would say I wrote this article because I was so much inspired from his work.

His Website with all of his work detail is here – Mike Black Website.


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