The Green New Deal, Can we be full Eco-friendly?

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


Through the course of time humans have advanced in terms of advancement from the times of chariots to airplanes, Globe has suffered a lot. Climate change is real, Global temperature rise is the root cause and the Green New Deal can be its cure.

Environmentalist always warn others about consequences of global warming and the view of inhabitable earth in the future.

This is the truth although hard to imagine, but we can end up in a bad situation. As in the past scientist said 1.5 degrees Celsius is bearable though it is proven wrong.

But now we are heading towards more than that, an increase in 2 degree Celsius would cause mass migration, wildfires, deadly heat stress.

The cost of this would be unimaginable wealth, a million of lives, irreversible climate change and irreversible changes. That’s where the green deal came in to avoid such catastrophic events and climate future.

nature with the green new deal

The green new deal explained!

The Green New Deal at basic level meant replacement of fossil fuel use to renewable resource use. Like using waste oil as biofuel although not possible to full extent, but other resources are also there.

Such as Windmills, Dams, Solar panels instead of non-renewable energy sources and all of this in just a ten years time which has raised a lot of questions.

This 14 pages deal is a resolution not a bill, legislation or a policy proposal and neither a law. The Green New Deal can be divided into three parts with the first as Introduction.

Followed by what America has to do as much as technologically feasible, although other countries are also focusing over it.

But removing fossil fuels with renewable resources would cause a massive shift in job structure. As our economy is based on Oil somehow.

From manufacturing sector to auto industry people would lose jobs and also all the things based on it.

Changing whole Economic structure for green economy and sustainable development has its own cost. It is not as easy as it seems.

So the new green deal next part explains how to protect people from the losses’ economy would face or “how we will protect people”.

The promises given in it are Job guarantee, public investment, universal healthcare, quality education. Promises of a welfare state. The Green New Deal would not only decrease the job but also create new jobs in renewable sectors.

My opinion-

In my opinion, the new green deal is a boon if applied correctly as threats by corruption and crony capitalism are present. It is based to tackle future global disaster. Rise of Automation, Climate change, Scarcity of resources could lead to a dystopian world.

The Green New Deal is a struggle of Environmentalists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Economist Edward Barbier and many others.

Before in past 2 degree Celsius change was considered nothing but that thing could cause huge problems. Such as melting of ice, Locust attacks, changes in world demography, Wildfires, animal extinctions, heat stress.

What I mean by demography is change in desert to green and greenery to desert. I read about it and how can Middle East can turn to green and France and part of Europe can turn to Tropical environment. Whereas many green regions would turn to desert and face water scarcity.

Melting of Ice is a famous problem which can end up in major problems to arctic life. Endangering arctic species and life course of water animals. Major world cities could disappear in water.

Locust attacks have gone to their in uncommon areas due to climate change. Destroying crops of farmers. In such cases The Green New Deal seems a golden chance in front of many Environmentalists.

As if we can’t save our environment there would be nothing to fight for. Trillions of loss would be faced by humanity in disasters.

The new green deal is also difficult to implement throughout the world as it have financial sacrifice in its way. All countries are not able to easily implement it.

In the competition of world powers a government would also not like going inferior in economic terms to other. For the sake of environment in such a case.


This deal implementation or discard of it can only be told by time. But the best can we do now is to minimize the damage done to our environment. Until further climate change solutions.

We can’t change our fate somehow, but we can slow down damages to our environment. This Blog post is not to spread fearmongering but to take action for our future generations. And if God wills all would be bright like a shining of a bright sun.


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