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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

By this Blog Post I am going to discuss about a green search engine. And do a Ecosia search engine review. Does Ecosia actually plant trees or Ecosia fake or legit. I try to find if it is a scam or not. Its legitimacy is endorsed by many Trustable news agency and people. So, now I have assumed it to be true. This green search engine describes itself on its homepage at this time when I am writing it as “We use the profit we make from your searches to plant trees where they are needed most. Get the free browser extension and plant trees with every”.

And with this description Ecosia have a tagline as “Plant trees while you search the web”. Plant trees an idea that was taught to us. The best carbon capture technology although there are artificial one’s present.

Trees are important aspect of our life and the importance of trees is known even in our childhood. That it takes Carbon Di Oxide and gives Oxygen that is essential to life and tree symbolize life. Benefits of trees are immense more than it gives oxygen, wood or timber. It balances the natural Environment.

That’s where Ecosia’s care came in plant a tree search engine. Now the question comes in mind “How many trees has ecosia planted”? So, when I am writing this line, they have planted there 118,287,760th plant. Sounds unbelievable right! I too felt that but it’s great. It’s not like that Ecosia recommend my Blog website more than google. That’s why I am praising them. But good work needs to be praised.

How Ecosia works

This green search engine is a non-profit organization and its founder is Christian karoll an Entrepreneur. A lot of people searched “is Ecosia owned by google”? The answer is it is not owned by Google although it is partner with Bing (Microsoft Owned search engine). This has created a controversy as Bing Uses 44% of its energy from renewable as compared to google who uses 100% renewable energy. But Bing bring to them far better Algorithms.

But whatever Ecosia is benefitting Earth far more than it causes harm and be carbon negative. Kroll founded green search engine in December of 2009 and it has grown to a team of 93 employee approximately. Contributing around the world from Berlin office. They do not directly plant trees but has a certain number of connections or partner with third parties. It does not take funds from outside and work within its revenue.

How Ecosia Works
Screenshot taken from Ecosia Website

Technical process

First you search the web with Ecosia to find something and per 45 searches a tree is planted. So, you can search for trees. Its works like any other search Engine and better because of its strategic partnership with Bing.

Now like any other search engine it uses search ads. I saw some Ecosia reviews where it was accused as fraud because of search Ads but the truth is that it cannot earn without it also because it does not take donations from others as well.

Those search ads than generate income for Ecosia from that It uses its 80% revenue to plant trees. As for this time when I am writing this, I was viewing their data that is frequently changing. As per them they have 15 Million active users, 12.8 million Euros approximately invested and in present over 9,000 planting sites existed.

Ecosia Contribution –

They have connections with third parties in a lot of places and they are not supporting Monoculture which actually harms the environment but the green environment that actually supports the local Indigenous communities there.

Ecosia Places of plantation
Photo is taken from

They are providing alternatives to palm oil in Indonesia. As Palm oil commercialization have harm the environment there. In Ghana the farmers are in loss as River dries after the rainy season but Ecosia projects are planting trees that would help them earn. Similarly, they have done for people in Columbia so they would safe against Illegal plantations.

In Brazil they are closely related to farmers where they are helping in reforestation where the forests were burnt. Inside Kenya, Ecosia is a part of Kenya’s Green belt movement which opposes deforestation and land grabbing. In Uganda they are working for Forest corridors that would help Chimpanzees movement in the land also planting trees with rivers.

In Morocco Ecosia is planting fruit trees for the local community. They are also restoring mountain slopes in Peru. In Haiti, after two hurricanes and earthquake the green search engine is distributing saplings to farmers for plantation to fight food insecurity. Partnering with the movement green Ethiopia they are helping in restoring water cycle after the drought of 2016.

Other places which have Ecosia similar involvement are Sahel, Spain, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Senegal there can be many more but on main website this much is given.

Safety on Ecosia –

Now the question arises “is Ecosia safe” as now a day privacy and safety is becoming a major concern as people are waking up to it. And many cases against big tech are becoming popular.

The company claims to not store searches permanently. And not creating personal profiles based on search history. All the data is removed after just one week and their data in 4 days from Bing.

Ecosia claims to not selling data to advertisers. Many web services sell customers personal data without permission. Neither sell data to Advertisers.

All the Data is encrypted so a third person cannot see users searches and privacy is maintained between people.

External tracking tools are not present to track your data another point in privacy care for users. Tracking can be turned off although small amount of data is stored. You can opt out from it by selecting option “Do not track”.

Ecosia is transparent with its finance too by publishing monthly financially reports. So, anyone can see where there revenues go which increases their trust. After all of this it is Co2 neutral and claims to remove 1 KG of Co2 per search.

The company is also B certified a certification for “Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose” (meaning given on their website). In the end I want to say that it is a good initiative in the time when these things are needed.


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