Effects of Social Media

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Social Media an unknown thing in past now have influence over billions. How our technology is changing us. Did it helped us the way we thought at its starting or it has more secrets that we could know? The secrets connected to our heart and mind. If not noticed we would never be able to know. So, I will discuss about different aspects of it.

It came to light with list of social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, Tumblr etc. And also, these electronic platforms rise as earnings through social media marketing business. It also, have provided earning opportunities to Influencers as well as a lot of people. It also has a Benefits too like cashless economy.

Social media affects and its influence in our daily lives

Let’s discuss Social Media affects as well as effects –

These platforms are not perfect as they would always have influence of either Governments and Corporates. The reason why it has a lot of critics.

Makes you Extravagant –

Marketing through social media has become so prominent that it has effect on our thoughts. In addition to this whenever we see other people buying attractive items it attracts us. And when that attraction works, we also want to buy that. And daily we are so much bombarded with this that we want to have more and more. Ending up us in overspending.

Can Improvise our Memory –

It can improve memory in particular things mainly remembering events and reminders. This is done with the help of photos and videos. And this is one of the positive sides of social media. Helpful in Birthdays especially when I was on Facebook, I could better remember birthdays than now.

E-Platforms can alter your apatite –

This is done by our Social Influencers with a category of food bloggers and vloggers respectively. Continuous exposure to mouth-watering food can alter our thinking making you feel hungrier. But I think people could control this feel easily.

The urge of acceptance –

This is one of the most common in teens especially. And on of the risks associated with social media use. I remember when I was 13 or 14 and was very happy to open a Facebook page like it was one of my biggest achievement. I liked adding my school friends not all were there. But it was a start. Then I got exposure to Cyber bullying I was not bullied but came to now this shit is real. Then after few times like 2 to 3 years later.

I started feeling the importance of like and feel sad when getting less likes or comments. And feel happy when getting more likes. Basically, a competition of social media content. Forgetting it will not make a difference. And this is what teens are also going through who are attached to artificiality of these things.

Affects practical life communications –

One of the common flaws of social media networks. People uses Emojis, abbreviations, stickers etc. can decrease their communication skills. I have seen people in my life very active on Facebook looks like a very extrovert but in reality, Can’t even have a proper or long conversation. As when Chatting people can think and write. In real life conversations don’t work that way but are more Bonding.

Social Media affects mental health –

It is one of the most direct effect of the social network that is present. Hitting us directly. People only share the best part of their life of course. But when we are on these platforms our mind starts to think like every body’s life is bed of roses and ours are thorns. Making them feel depressed and less satisfied with their life. decreasing self-esteem and confidence to its core.

Physical Afflictions

It has physical afflictions too especially on brain structure. people who are Facebook addict tend to have greater grey-matter volumes in brain regions which manages tasks, such as recognizing social-group members with their state and motivation.

Decrease in Attention –

Attentiveness is necessary phenomenon in the world. Helps in debates, problem solving, being witty etc. A smart person is considered attentive. But this is now in danger. When surfing on social media or changing social media accounts from one platform to other.

We are now on Instagram than on Facebook than shift to the other app but handling all these altogether decreases our attention span. Making us bad in multitasking. Focusing on few things is better than handling many things with less effectiveness and efficiency.

Losing sleep with time –

Sleep is lost in people due to mobile phone addiction and social media. This I noticed in childhood when I first connected to social media content and a lot of students of my class. Many of them use to be online late at night. And now with mobile more people can easily be on internet. The addiction of these platforms is such that it creates a vicious cycle of wakefulness.

The blue light emitted from devices influences biology of the body. Causing sleeplessness at nights. Blue-light filter is also available now but it should be stopped before monetary transactions as suggested by many Antiviruses and software’s.

The Phantom vibrations

Phantom vibration syndrome is a problem that occurs humans reward center reacts to Notifications again and again. It’s an effect on nervous system with brain. People with addiction of Social media are vulnerable to it. In it we feel our phone is vibrating when in reality it is not.

It harms our focus on work. Like we are working on a serious task and feel our phone is vibrating when it is not it would decrease our attention to that important work.

My Opinion on Social media –

These online networking are great when used for work and to connect with other people. But at the same time can be a worst thing of our life. I use social media marketing for blog promotion mainly and for seeing memes or connecting with relatives and friends.

The main thing is that we can’t blame anyone for flaws in it and it influence on people. Like if someone says Mark Zuckerberg has caused a mess. Its us who welcomed it and accept it. It’s clear what it is for.

It capitalizes on our attention and we are ourselves responsible for it except Privacy breach which is done by tech giants now. Its wholly commercializes on us. There is nothing wrong in it as they provide services but there must be ethical standards for it.

At last I want to say that I am sorry for delay in new post as my offline exams were going on and before that I was also very lazy on this. But from now onwards I would try to have at least one post a week. Thank you for Being here!

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  1. Social Media is a pariah. I only use it of professional services, like LinkedIn when job searching, or for blogging (here on wordpress and Strava). I suspect within the next 5-10 years I will be down to only WordPress.

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