Elon Musk Biography- Inspirational life story

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Elon musk an entrepreneur, businessman and a tech genius. He is a founder of multiple companies including the remarkable Tesla and Space X. And he recently made a headline “Elon Musk the richest man in the world”. He was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa. His childhood as he says is not very good. His parents divorced when he was 10 and decided to be with his father. Who was not as good as he thought.

He was bullied in the school to the extent that he was beaten. When he was 12 years old only. He created a game known as blaster and even sell it for $500 at that time.

where did Elon musk go to college?

At age 17, Musk moved to Canada to attend Queen’s University. Musk got his Canadian citizenship that year.
Three years later, Musk left Canada to educate in business and physics at the University of Pennsylvania. He is an undergrad in economics and have a second bachelor’s degree in physics.

He was headed towards PHD in Energy physics from Stanford but dropped out to be a part of Internet boom. Launching Zip2 corporation in 1995 with the help of his brother Kimble Elon Musk. In 1999, Compaq Computer Corporation bought Zip2 for $307 million cash and $34 million stock options.

Soon in the same year following the sale of Zip2 was created, an E-finance company. was acquired and led to the creation of PayPal. In 2002 eBay acquired it for whooping 1.5 Billion USD when Musk owned 11 percent of PayPal share. The same year when he got his US Citizenship.

Elon Musk came to Limelight

elon musk on spacex

Space x

This is the time when Space x and Tesla came the main companies of his life. Elon Musk founded his third company, SpaceX, in 2002 a commercial space company instead of a government company NASA for space travel. At the time of Space X launch no one believed it but later it was granted a contract transporting goods through space with later plans of sending astronaut.

On May 22, 2012, SpaceX made it when Falcon 9 was launched in space with an no man there. The vehicle went to International Space Station with supplies for stationed astronaut there. That was a history changing movement as no one thought private company could make it.

In March 2017, SpaceX did a successful test on flight and landing of Falcon 9 rocket built from reusable parts, developing a more affordable space travel.

The best story is of his 4th rocket launch when 3 tests were failed and billions were flushed out. Elon Musk took the risk and go for the 4th one. If fail it could destroy space x but it did not failed and become successful. Which saved him from becoming bankrupt.

His next plan for space x is BFR missions to Mars where he wanted to send people to mars. And make a colony on mars.

In late March 2018, SpaceX got permit from the U.S government to launch a fleet of satellites which can provide internet facilities. Name of this network is starlink, can provide accessible network even in rural areas.

This project has shown sign of significant progress and is itself a great achievement in the field of tech when Internet is distributed through a network of wire.

Tesla Motors

Elon Musk is the co-founder, CEO and product architect at Tesla Motors, a company launched in 2003 that is passionate to produce affordable, mass scale electric vehicles. Tesla was formed as Elon Musk says to provide electric cars that destroys the stereotype of Electric vehicles being slow and weak.

Tesla Roadster

Years after its Launch Roadster, a sports car capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, and capability of traveling 250 miles between its charges. Elon Musk on Tesla Roadster was really happy as it was the start of Tesla.

Tesla Model S

In August 2008, Tesla announced the launch of model S the first Electric Sedan in Tesla Catalogue. Honored as Car of the Year in 2013 by Motor Trend magazine.

Other Cars

The Other Prominent Cars are Model X, Model Y and Model 3 and now tesla has become a Global player in Car manufacturing.

Elon Musk Solar City

In August 2016, Elon Musk again began with a remarkable idea on sustainable energy. His Tesla Motors Inc. decided on all-stock deal purchase of SolarCity Corp.

“Solar and storage are at their best when they’re combined. As one company, Tesla (storage) and SolarCity (solar) can create fully integrated residential, commercial and grid-scale products that improve the way that energy is generated, stored and consumed,” quoted from Tesla’s website about the deal.



In August 2013, Elon Musk realized about a new Idea known as Hyperloop, an on-land system that can be faster than airplane and cuts a lot of time. There are Pods went through a vacuum tube with supersonic speed of 600 miles per hour. To know what is a hyperloop check this post.

Hyperloop is expensive in installation but not in operation. Hyperloop is an open source project and any one can participate in it. One of the well-known hyperloop projects other than elon musk’s hyperloop are virgin hyperloop and hyperloop one.

AI and Neuralink

Elon Musk to peruse his interest has also entered AI market, becoming co-chair of the non-profit Open AI (elon musk ai company). The company started in 2015 wanted to advance in digital intelligence to benefit humanity.


Elon Musk is a man who do things that are unbelievable have a routine that’s unbelievable. Working more than Hundred hours a week. A workaholic person. He says that he doesn’t want to be remembered as a businessman but an innovator. He says money doesn’t matter to him all though Elon Musk net worth today is $188.5 billion as when this article is written.

The Corporates around the world has shown how much wealth they can develop whether its Tesla or Apple. The American corporates are ranking on their top. Especially when technology is considered. And the popularity of their Entrepreneur’s and one of them is Elon Musk.


  1. This is amazing and truly inspirational! It really shows that you get to be successful in whatever you put your heart into doing. No matter what it is. He was very clever indeed!

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