Healthcare: Future and Big Tech

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Healthcare industry or simply healthcare is going through big changes and the reason is obviously Tech. With contribution factors such as AI or artificial intelligence. What would happen in future no one knows except the God. But we can have assumptions by studying the trends and present reality.

Possibilities of AI in Healthcare –

Using it for paperwork so that doctors can focus and spend time more on their work. Although clinicians would hate it as much as patients concern about their privacy.

Errors can be decreased through it. As it can study the diagnosis more accurately without much errors.

AI can also examine the large set of data to draw conclusions in healthcare. It helped a lot in increasing efficiency in petroleum extraction to many folds. I will write about it some other day.

Other way Artificial intelligence would get in. As AI would make it easier to monitor in the comfort of their home. Of course, data plans are far cheaper than health plan that require a bed in the Hospitals. And also reducing the amount hospital acquired diseases.

Big Tech in Health Care

Above I have explained how AI and tech can influence the Healthcare industry and healthcare market place. The relation between artificial intelligence in healthcare and also artificial intelligence and machine learning. The medical technology is on the brink of revolution in context of its upgrade.

Even now apps on the smart phone and smart watches such as Fitbit integrated health records can help medical technology a lot. There are apps that can examine and report certain number of diseases and health issues. Paving the way of affordable healthcare system.

But these does not stop there the data these devices collect are valuable. They can take out important conclusions by studying patterns. More than what insights do in marketing.

And around the world people have this concern that healthcare systems are lagging behind other sectors in technological advances. Even the rich countries. So, they did a survey to find out how much people are ready for technological changes in the health tech. They find out many countries have tech but lack in policy and vice versa.

Future of healthcare

Entry of Big Techs

Here is where enter the big tech with its massive computing power and data analytics. In U.S Microsoft provides AI tools. At the same time google is connected with Ascension and in U.K it is connected with royal free to analyze patient who can fall seriously ill.

It also brings about risk with patient’s data. People in general are not very happy to share their data with big techs who are already in conflict by data breaches. Like Facebook has a long list of conflicts due to data privacy handling.

Google is connected to academic institution in study of medical records. Its sister company Verily has far bigger ambitions. They are studying patient’s health at a very deep level. They are paying people to go through a wide range of tests so that they can know disease before it happens.

It opens up a mix of idealism and opportunity. Though it would be really helpful to humanity. At the same time people have fear what might happen to these data. Especially when conspiracy theories are common among people whether true or false. Even a survey in the United States show people are most willingly to share their data with physicians and least with tech companies.

Whatever be the future of healthcare surely it would very different from the present. Like, in my opinion the world has changed a lot from 2000-2020 even more than when compared with 1950-1990. The world is changing at a high pace and moving forward is the only option we got.

So, in the end I hope you like my blog posts and maybe it be helpful to you in your daily lives. I am soon going to bring up a discussion forum to increase responsiveness to the website. I Hope you like it.

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