Hyper loop! Travel faster than Airplane

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the past we had horses and ships, than came Diesel powered ships, trams, trains, cars and airplanes. Now a new concept have came by Elon musk “Hyper loop”. A new mode of travel in automation sector. This transportation can go to 760 miles per hour. This travel system is not in function yet but soon can be. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made it open source as he was busy in different projects already.

About Hyper loop

Humans have achieved speed of about 500 Kilo meters per hour but still it can go further. Avoiding air resistance and friction with the help of hyperloop. Its development is still in progress and it can go with the speed of 1200 Kilo meters per hour much faster than international flights.

And to make it possible industrial automation companies are working on it. The passengers would travel with the help of Pod going to the travel destination. hyper loop transportation technologies by Elon musk would have Solar panels on roof which would power Electric Motor.

The travel pod will float on thin air and tube would have partial vacuum. Less air resistance is what keeps the Airplane at high speed as achieved with higher altitudes.

In 1829 a competition took place of fastest steam locomotive. Rocket motors won by which Elon Musk got inspired by it. So he started his own annual competition the hyperloop pod competition to find best automotive. One of the best Hyper loop have gone about 463 Kilo meter per hour.

The cost of Hyperloop is high in set up but low in operation. The cost of 350 miles track and set up from Los Angeles to San Francisco can be around 6 Billion USD. Its not only Elon musk but also others are also investing such as Virgin Hyper loop one. Another company is hyperloop transportation technologies.

My opinion

In my opinion Hyperloop is good initiative can also be a part of the green new deal as renewable energy is mostly use in it for creation of electricity.

It can be a great automation, but safety should also be considered in it. Due to its speed would be much more than airplane. So there are chances of major accidents.

Human limitation is also a worry as we should be able to bear such a high speed.

Its cost is also a reason to worry during global entry. Maybe rich tourist destinations such as Dubai it would work. But for governments would hesitate to spend such big amounts even though operation costs are less. Developing and underdeveloped countries would not consider it much in my opinion.

But still tech giants are investing so there might be hope for its future operations. But it is not going to replace trains any sooner.


When would we have a Hyperloop in the world?

Currently, Hyper loop technologies are in development by many companies and teams. In countries like China, India or United Arab Emirates, projects can happen earlier. The first commercial track can be in above mentioned countries, in 10-15 years. Europe and the USA will follow afterwards. 

What is the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition?

The Hyperloop Pod Competition is started by Elon Musk and organised by spaceX. Student teams around the globe compete every summer. The objective is to design and build a prototype that will race inside this tube to attain top speed.

How can the safety be guaranteed?

Safety of passengers is important before having an operational Hyperloop. Currently, plans for long test tracks are being made, which means the system can be tested on full speed. When safety of system is proven at high speeds, Cargo transportation can be done as part of further automation testing. Then Hyper loop is ready for travel. 

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