Phone is designed for addiction!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Through time phones have become an important part of our life. It all starts with beginning of 21st century when mobiles have start becoming common in the hands of public. Then with up-gradation came smartphones became more addicting. We are not naturally inclined to our phone, but it is made to be addicting with designs. That keeps people hook up to it.

4 Ways to phone addiction: –

Notifications –

Notifications replicate human interaction using UI interface and user experience and Uncertainty of messages can increase conversions.

Pull to refresh –

It is present in social media apps prominently to give us a feel that we are the one in control. Imitating Slot machine. We also refresh for more content.

Infinite Scrolling –

Infinite scrolling is common in social media apps. It confuses people when to stop using phone especially when a lot of memes and entertainment is available.

Color Choice –

Bright appealing colors are used to draw attention from Logo designs to theme. Red number push notification on app also frustrates us to click it.

Phones are designed to be addicting

Phone addiction Solutions

Different solutions are there to reduce phone addictions for addiction rehabilitation.

Turn of your phone notifications –

Notification draw are attention to our phone. Whenever a beep comes, or notifications are in notification area. We became unable to control our self. Its uncertainty is what attracts people which imitates slot machine. With its bright color design that contributes to it.

The unpredictability of good and bad makes it more addicting. If in future notification in batches appear it would make it better in controlling addiction.

Gray scale your screen –

Through time apps have logo design warmer and bolder colors overtime as they attract human eyes. We will be more attracted to red notification circle with number color than green or yellow. Using grey scale can reduce our interest in our phones.

Restrict home screen to everyday tool –

Home screen is the first thing we open in our phone so put only those apps that are useful. Such as maps, calendar apps that will not end you in a never-ending scroll. As infinite scrolling on Facebook and twitter video auto play on you tube which keeps us in never ending infinity and confusing people when to stop.

My opinion –

In my opinion Smart phones are both good and bad.

Good –

  1. Keeps our close ones in touch such as family and friends and distance problems have decreased considerably.
  2. Provides maps and translator in unknown places. A groundbreaking thing for travelers.
  3. For reading news and educational articles on platform such as word press.
  4. Entertainment facilities such as you tube and online streaming services.
  5. Available customer service.
  6. Online services both E-commerce and banking. Platforms such as amazon are now providing home delivery of a wide range of products.

Bad –

  1. Can cause health problems serious in some cases as well as low.
  2. Eye strain due to regular use of mobiles.
  3. psychological issues such as loneliness and emotional intelligence problem.
  4. Phone addiction on which the whole article is written upon.
  5. Online scandals especially with online banking provisions.
  6. Watching harmful content which might impact our psychology.

Beside all these things other problems might occur due to high usage of Mobiles. Social media has also become a hub of negativity with online harassment which can target a person or a community. Even mobile addicts now have rehabs so much is the problem. Even i am very attached to phone but with this article i am bringing points how people became so addicted to it. Pointing out to its design and how organisations are capitalizing with our time.


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