President Lincoln, slavery and civil war

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In this blog post we would learn about prominent Historic movements of United states history and how revolutionaries could influence phase of History.

During Civil war from 1861 to 1865 10,500 battle engagements, 50 major battles and 100 battles have significance as per estimates. Casualties are 750,000 approximated which was more than 2.5% of United states population of that time. War started as most historians accept due to position on considering slavery where southern states(confederates) wants slavery and Northern states(Union) wants its end.

Lincoln a clever and intelligent man very smart to persuade others to think the same way as he thinks rise to power as a president in 1861 but from a very young age he won the admiration of others and due to it he was able to make it to politics.

He was not actually an abolitionist at first but he always showed opposition to slavery in moral terms which during the civil war grown up as in 1863 he introduced presidential proclamation and executive order although it was a real clever thing to do as it was only targeting the rebellious state to free the slaves where the Union have no power he doesnt put obligation to slave states which are allies to the Union as there support was needed to defeat the confederates by it he not only have support of these states but also of blacks, many blacks were fleeing from Southern states to the Union where many of them joined Union army about 200,000 blacks.

So we can say Emancipation proclamation worked as a military strategy getting support from all and also he proved it to be military strategy to the Union whites and get support from them. He remained on his promise of freedom to blacks as by introducing 13th ammendment in U.S congress.

Slavery was not completely destroyed after decades of Lincoln’s death as was expected by him but it does give the start to it. In the civil war Union had much more resources and manpower than confederates where as confederates were strategically smarter than Union that is why confederates endure the Union for a long time.

Theory and Learning

Many theories suggest that Abraham Lincoln supported abolitionists as he was able to understand if slavery didnt end soon due to increase in population of United states due to immigration mainly many whites will be unemployed as due to blue collar job work taken by the blacks.

Some say Lincoln used slavery as a political tool to gain power as new opinions gave rise to political gains in democracy. It can be explained as if Liberal ideology party is in power from many years supposedly 15 than voters would forget about disadvantages of right wing politics and right wing politicians will further exploits people thoughts on left wing limitation fuelling right wing nationalism for easy victory in a sovereign state.

It can also be true that Lincoln’s thought on slavery was influenced as he went to church in childhood which always opposes slavery and he live in a coloured neighborhood than which made him close to blacks.

Although people thought Lincoln to be a naive but Lincoln knew that they underestimates him and he was very good at manipulation of thoughts of others, very charismatic in real and capable of influencing others to work for his goals. People after years were able to point out strategic intelligence of Lincoln. Without these qualities he would not had become a president and whatever he was or how historians may portray a good human or a cunning politician but what i believe is that he put up new standards of human right and was ready to contribute to United States of America for what it says it stands for.

Abraham Lincoln unified United States in a true sense. Sentence changed from “these are United States” to “this is United States”.

The confederates were getting a lot of benefit from slavery where as Union states were not into much favour of it so difference of opinions lead to war. Different in opinions may lead to war but many wars could happen due to misunderstanding and can be resolved easily.

We also came to know that strategies have importance if Union had been strategically smart they would had been victorious at early stage.

Note- All history accounts are precised and not accurate.


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