Rebranding my Blog with New Niche

As you know, it is a long time I have done blogging on my blog. Blogging is all about getting your views to the world. As a Blogger, I just need to focus on one niche, that would be finance. I know these topics are pretty complex, but being a subscriber, you will all get it all a simpler way. A simpler way is what this blog would be all about.

In the past, I have started with Educational content of different fields. And I posted what I like to convey to the world using SEO and different parts of Digital marketing. After that, I started with Product lists and what not. I even did Book summaries. In the past, I did it for money. But now I write blog posts that would help you to earn money.

These fluctuations caused a lot of problems for my blog to rank on Google search. And readers to be my permanent follower. To cope up with this problem and to be resourceful to my audience, I changed the niche. With that, I would change the domain name too.

And from now my main focus would be on Financial topics that include Stock market, World Economics and Crypto. I would only upload content related to these topics. These topics are not only for the people in the field of finance, but for all. Today, we need to have financial knowledge. Because inflation is reducing our savings in the bank and, people should learn where and when to invest to take the best use of our limited resources.

Rebranding My Blog Niche

What I would Post on my Blog –

I would write about world economic topics in a research format to keep you up with popular events that are interesting as well as influence your investments. Learning about companies, world trade etc. are the best things to learn as an investor. Also, far better than Biased Media channels that promote things of no use.

I would also provide you with Stock market news and Crypto news in a blog format that would be of great use to you and other curious readers. In Blog, I would cover important topics that could influence your investment.

I would also start with a Premium newsletter covering snippets of information that are essential for an investor. A premium subscriber would receive it daily, twice or thrice as per requirement, saving you time on extensive research.

Ending Note –

With this blog post, I want to clear to my subscriber what would be the future of this blog. Now, many might unsubscribe me for it. But still I want to say that if we stay connected this would benefit you for free.

My request is to stay connected and have it all for free because in this Era money management is one of the best thing you can have.

A summary of the popular book on finance I wrote – Rich dad poor dad summary.

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