Silicon Valley Success, 3 Trillion Dollar Neighborhood

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

This neighborhood is not an ordinary neighborhood, but an inspiration built from human endeavors. This is the neighborhood which is Silicon Valley that gave the world tech startups like apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla and much more. The influence here reaches the far corner of the globe with these tech giants and their innovative products.

Silicon Valley location is present in southern shores of San Francisco Bay, California, U.S. In Palo Alto is its Intellectual resource, and it is also location of Stanford University. One of the world’s top university. “It includes northwestern Santa Clara County as far inland as San Jose, as well as the southern bay regions of Alameda and San Mateo counties”.

Silicon Valley

History of Silicon Valley

In the year 1961 Silicon Chip was invented by two American electrical engineers, Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce. This was literally a revolutionary technology in the sense it paves the way for modern computers and the rise of this tech valley. Many people might think “what is silicon?”. Explaining it in simple words silicon have no color with it, they are oil or rubber like substances.

Silicon are used in electrical insulation, thermal, cooking utensils, medicine, lubricants, adhesives and sealants. And now today Tech Valley is home to many global tech giants their combined value going to trillions. Although some tech giants such as Facebook and Google are prominently facing conflicts with the governments. But all carry the similarity of innovation which was not before at all.

The birth of Silicon Valley is truly a marvel. Although hard to believe. Silicon Valley is known for its fruits especially The ones that are grown in orchids. At that time it was known as “Valley Of Heart’s Delight”. Nature has been diverted to Technology. Although in long term nature is important to life things should be balanced. Machines like carbon remover can not be the substitute of tree even if it helps in densely populated cities.

Exponential Growth

The Silicon Valley success is as remarkable as its innovations. After the invention of integrated circuits. The success rates skyrocketed. By 1959 Tech valley provides 18000 high technology jobs in that area. By every decade the number increased by a lot. And by the advent of companies in Silicon Valley like Apple and Microsoft job demand boomed in Tech Valley. Although Silicon Valley tech companies list

From 1992 to 1999 230,000 jobs were increased which is about 23% increase. And this tech valley covers more than 40 percent of California export trade. The demand for Technology workers in California’s Silicon Valley increased to a level that the United States eased down on immigration quotas. Since, working in Silicon Valley startup and companies is a dream for many.

Many immigrants from India and China came to the Silicon Valley in California. From 1975 to the 1990 the foreign born in Santa Clara increased twice to 350,000. And By 21st century the population was increased to 2 million. The region’s wealth is mainly accumulated through computers and technology. But Real estate also have absorbed it. In 2000 the median price of the home in Santa Clara is twice that of the whole United States.

Analyzing the 2000s

The Internet became public in 1995 and the five-year period till 2000 is known as the Internet Bubble. Due to the shine of internet companies they did perform extraordinary in stocks. But after the post bubble era in Tech valley. It is really impressive that the value of the houses did not decrease and Still an expensive place to live. But after the Housing Bubble crash in 2008 the prices dropped by 30 percent during the year.

Even after the Economic depression of 2008-2009 the unemployment rates in the valley was at 10 percent. Social Media websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook gave new hope to the Silicon Valley of USA.

Silicon Valley in today’s Era might be seen as a remarkable place of ushering prosperity. But is a result of hard work from its workers to venture capitalist and from employees to innovators. Many people see it as a place of unique people with a unique mindset to fly free and to achieve. It is not limited to its economy but the development of human endeavor with the will to leading the world forward in technology.

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