Top 10 news searched on google 2020

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Here is a list from google trends this year of all the news that are trending this year. With some being interesting the others being dangerous and bizarre. So yeah check it out.


1) Coronavirus

The next most searched news is of Coronavirus this year. The pandemic has disrupted the life of billions around the world directly as well as indirectly. Every one searching coronavirus update with hope of its soon end. Even I was searching coronavirus statistics in India every day. With searching about coronavirus treatment, symptoms of coronavirus regularly.

But the most shocking was coronavirus statistics in New York with coronavirus statistics in United states.

2) Election results

This year Election results were searched a lot with US presidential election results or us election results being searched on news by the world. Even in India it was on the news like USA. US election is most prominent election in the world.

And even now keywords are popular like “how trump laid groundwork for election result mayhem” and “election map searched on Bing. Let’s see how the presidential speech on 20th January would go on. And after that Indian election were also searched with Belarus too.

3) Iran

Iran was the third searched news this year due to tensions with USA. With many predicting a war between them. All though it didn’t happen. Still Iran has been popular this year.

4) Beirut

This year explosion in Beirut was one of the saddening things happen this year all though the whole year was somehow. That happened in the capital City of Lebanon. Beirut is the capital of Lebanon a country in the middle east.

5) Hantavirus

This hantavirus is developed in China like coronavirus. It is a rodent borne virus. Can be spread from rodent’s faeces, urine, saliva and when human came in contact with it or with dust that is related to it. Its news spread when people fear of coronavirus was at peak.

6) Stimulus checks

What is a stimulus check?

“A stimulus check is a check sent to a taxpayer by the U.S. government. Stimulus checks are intended to stimulate the economy by providing consumers with some spending money. When taxpayers spend this money, it boosts consumption and drives revenues at retailers and manufacturers and thus spurs the economy”. quoted from Investopedia

They are the third most searched news here. In march 2020 the US government enacted it as a way to fight in economic hardship caused by coronavirus pandemic. The most searched keywords on Bing are “how to get my stimulus check” and “is there another stimulus check coming. Which is true and President Elect Joe Biden is pushing for 2000$ check instead of $600 check.

7) Unemployment

This year unemployment was one of the most searched term. As economies crashed unemployment sky rocketed. In developing countries, the problem was worse that developed countries as government don’t have much money left and many suffered.

8) Tesla stock

Tesla stock were also popular in 2020 as well as now. Tesla stock prices on Jan. 13 was $104.97 and now at present when I am writing this is $826.04. Making Elon musk the richest man on planet.

9) Bihar election result

Bihar is a state in India. This year it became top ten most searched news on google. With the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) winning the elections against The United Progressive Alliance (UPA).

10) Black Lives Matter

Black Lives matter became popular in 2020 when a Black named George Floyd was tragically killed. This is a movement that is against unjust police brutality against blacks. There are number of cases in USA when police did discriminations in relation to race or did racism. Racism is not a cool thing whoever does may it ends soon.

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