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Top 5 Best Budget Apps

So, as I told before, budgeting is the starter for Personal Finance and the importance of it is immense. So, now I have bought you a list of budgeting apps in addition to Personal finance apps as Bonus. These are apps to help save money and budget. Recently I have used one of the app recently when I went on vacation. It kept me a bit busy, but was helpful.

Money apps that help in money management is not something of leisure. I was watching YouTube videos on Best Budget apps and found out How compounding power can increase the savings and cause effectiveness and efficiency in your daily routine.

So, they can also be called as the best money saving apps. Hereby, I would share with you these top apps i addition to personal finance apps. That would be a great help to you. This can also be used by high school students to learn from the starting.

Best Budget Apps

Top Budget Apps –

Here is the list of it and the next list would be for Personal Finance Apps –

YNAB (you need a budget) –

This is one of the best apps on the list that boasts its ratings of the android and all the app stores. YNAB is not only an account sheet for your budget. But an educator that show your possibilities by considering your present situation. One of the best money apps in the market today.

The most important thing is it has several features to put the customer on the right track. Also, it has workshops which would make your experience easy.

Pros –

  • Accessible
  • Sharable
  • Webinars and Live chat

Cons –

  • Lack of investment tracking.
  • User interface is very traditional like Microsoft Excel.


Mint is the most famous app on the list. It is not only a budget management software, but a personal finance app in itself. It is one of the best budgeting app that syncs with bank account. This app has amazing features that include monitoring and analysis of your personal finances. Giving personalized insights.

Mint can help you to track multiple credit cards, managing bills and debt and would help you to grow your net worth.


  • Budgets are customizable.
  • Credit score tracking is free.
  • Desktop platform available.


  • Too many ads that can be bothersome.
  • Connectivity issues with some financial accounts.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is an app that is considered for Investors mainly. It does only track your day-to-day expense, but also track your portfolio performance. It also creates reports at individual level. The main part is that that it is free to use for an unlimited time period.

Pros –

  • Variety of Tools available for investment portfolio.
  • Detailed analytics.
  • Personal capital cash.
  • Features available for both long term and short term.

Cons –

  • Atleast 100,000 USD should be the balance to avail Portfolio management.
  • Limited customization in user interface.

Pocket Guard

Pocket Guard is an app with 4.1 star out of five its is an budget app to keep track of expenses. The free version is for unlimited time and paid versions that are more advance are also available. It keeps and provide data for how much you have, how much you spend and how much is leftover.

It also provides customizable pie-charts that shows your spending pattern on various products. The app can also keep up with your recurring bill.

The app is available on both google app store and IOS. This can be your best app to keep track of expenses.


  • This is a budget app that links to bank account.
  • Information on real time spending with specified catagories.
  • Build custom budget and goals for saving.


  • Website navigation is challenging.
  • Some features are only limited to paid section.

Good budget

Good budget is based on the original Envelope system. Which was popularly used for budgeting in past. In different Envelopes people used to put physical cash with different labels such as Groceries, fuel, bills etc. This method is based on kakeibo which is Japanese accounting book. This method is good for savings for expensive purchases.

It can also sync with many people and that could work for managing a shared household. Good budget also provides with educational and informative content.

The app has 4.1 stars with apps available in both google app store and IOS.


  • There is not a lot of difference between paid and free versions.
  • The paid version is also affordable.
  • These updates are done regularly.


  • Manually adding of each purchase
  • Restricts users to only single institution.
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