Waste oil as Bio fuel!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Just imagine a oil that is used to cook food and by which delicious food is made now is just a nasty goop with no use, a person would usually throw it in the drain but this process has its flaw which can clog not only our drain but the entire sewage system.

Many places have laws for its proper disposal, but rather than proper disposal we can do something useful and that is the production of bio diesel.

We can say that most of us have heard of diesel engines which powers all our vehicle’s from cars to ships, but the diesel is derived from crude oil a non-renewable source and crude oil generated from fossil fuel by dead plants and animals buried inside earth land from from million years.

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The bio diesel which is a renewable resource and can be made from plants oil and animal fats and can be burned in car engines to produce energy which is a bio version of diesel. It is cleaner than normal diesel so there is a demand to create it from the soy crops but it has it opposition still we can have it through waste oil.

The criticism of bio fuel arise as it can only be fetched to a limit due to technological limitations although scientists are finding efficient methods.

Bio diesel is not totally Eco friendly as crops are also used in its production which results in deforestation and cost of its production.

Waste oil have provided us with hope in this time where Fossil fuel extinction can cause problems at a global level.

To contribute to the creation of bio diesel we could donate excess of waste oil to organisations related to generation of bio diesel and in some places the city or rural Department takes away the waste oil from restaurants and hotels.

Waste oil can easily be converted to bio diesel using few scientific methods and there is a lot of efficiency and scope in it. For explanation if the waste oil that only the New York residents usually throw would be taken as airplane fuel it could power a few hundred flights from New York to L.A.

Using waste oil as fuel rather than burning fossil fuel could help a lot to deteriorating Eco system, recycling old cooking oil waste can turn goop into good, contributing a little by individuals can make city cleaner and more sustainable.

Although bio diesel for now can not replace fossil fuel but with advancement in technology and increase in efficiency and effectiveness there might still be hope to slow down extinction and buy time so petroleum can be part of life of our future generations.


  1. Bio fuels were very popular here in California in 2014 until the Major Oil Companies with their lobbies made it impossible to sell it or make it yourself by passing laws to protect their monopoly. The only places biofuel can be purchased for diesel engines in California are Food Co-ops. There are not many of those and you have to be a member.

    Hydrogen fuel is available for specially made Hondas only available in LA and the San Francisco Bay Area. Hydrogen cars make water as a pollutant.

        1. Even it get to one percent fuel from waste oil in comparison to fossil fuel, it would amount to tons of oil and more than 3% bio diesel is used around the world in comparison to petroleum.

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